Quick! What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word ukulele? If you said fedora, then you’re probably a regular at Johnny D’s Ukulele Noir night.

Headliner Craig Robertson leads a pack of storytellers in the best tradition of Prohibition Era grit – all gristle, heartache and booze – backed by the sweet lilt of Hawaii’s national instrument. If it sounds like a musical misnomer, well, you’re probably right. But these guys could make the most hardened Parkdale hipsters weep with envy.

The presidential election took national navel gazing to unparalleled heights, with packs of pundits polling, overanalyzing, and deconstructing every breath, sneeze and fist bump until some people actually got confused enough to vote for Sarah Palin. But few paused long enough to find out what the international community was thinking.

On November 4, 2008, I spoke to a group of students from everywhere but North America, and I realized if more American news outlets paid attention to people beyond their own borders, they wouldn’t have had to recycle so many stories.


Deriving their name from the region where they get their beef, the Midwest Grill is the first restaurant in Cambridge to offer the rodizio style Brazilian barbecue. Owner João Pinto and his partner Gilmar Pinto (no relation) opened the restaurant in 1993 when they saw the potential for this type of cuisine in a rapidly growing multicultural neighborhood. Join João as he gives you a tour of one of the tastiest Brazilian joints in town.

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